Do You Want to Experience Culinary Excellence with the Gozney Roccbox offered by BBQs 2u?

Most of you love to eat delicious pizzas and BBQs 2u has been popular for serving these foods in the UK for the last several years. This family-based company is quite passionate about these foods.

These days, BBQs 2u has started selling ovens from many different world-class brands so that you can make the same delicious foods in your own kitchen at home.

Gozney Roccbox Green is one such the best portable oven for pizza that you can buy from the store of BBQs 2u. With its sleek design and advanced technology, Roccbox empowers you to create authentic wood-fired pizza wherever you want.

Whether in your backyard or on-the-go adventures, this portable oven brings professional-grade cooking capabilities, ensuring that you can enjoy the authentic taste and experience of wood-fired pizza wherever your culinary journey takes you.

Experience restaurant-quality pizza anywhere – backyard, picnic, or campsite – with the portable Roccbox pizza oven. Featuring retractable legs and a detachable burner, it is perfect for on-the-go cooking. Its thick stone floor, dense insulation, and rolling flame ensure professional results every time with pizzas, flatbreads, and more.

Roccbox’s gas burner mirrors a genuine wood flame, achieving temperatures up to 950°F effortlessly. For those craving the authentic taste of wood-fired cooking, the optional wood burner accessory is ideal.

This user-friendly oven is a must-have for pizza parties and family gatherings, ensuring convenience and culinary excellence.

Fuel source

Roccbox arrives ready for use with propane gas. Swap out the gas burner for the wood-hopper add-on to infuse your food with a traditional wood-fired flavour.

1.      Gas

Working with the Roccbox using propane gas is effortless, thanks to its built-in ignitor for easy starting. With clean-burning gas, cleanup is minimal. Please note that the Roccbox is not compatible with natural gas.

2.      Wood

Though starting the Roccbox with wood requires extra effort, many find the authentic wood-fired taste worth it. Recommended wood types include ash, oak, beech, and fruit trees like apple or pear.

Compressed wood briquettes are also suitable. Avoid using recently cut or soft, sappy wood for optimal results. It is not recommended to use the following kinds of wood:

  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Spruce
  • Old pallets
  • Painted or stained wood.

Roccbox specifications

  • Size: 16.3” x 21” x 18.6”
  • Weight: 44lbs
  • Material: Made from stainless steel of grade 304. Calcium silicate insulation and commercial-grade silicone (Safe-touch) for the outer jacket
  • Cooking surface material: 75” (19mm) cordierite stone
  • Cooking surface size: 12.4” x 13.4”
  • Maximum pizza size: 12”
  • Maximum heat: 950ºF/ 500ºC
  • Total nominal heat output: 14330 BTU/HR
  • Injector size: 1.1mm
  • Gas type: Propane
  • Gas pressure: 11” W.C.
  • Preheat time: 30 minutes
  • Pizza cooking time: 1 minute
  • Warranty: One-year limited.

What is inside the box?

Everything you need to get started is included with the Roccbox, with the exception of the fuel (and ingredients).

What is in the box is:

  • Roccbox oven
  • Gas burner
  • User manual
  • Pizza peel
  • Bottle opener.

You can update yourself with the latest offers from BBQs 2u by looking at its Pinterest pages.

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